We use high quality equipment from top brands.

Sound systems

For interiors we have Nexo PS8 and PS10 systems: versatile, compact, with full-range loudspeakers and electronic processors. Their attractive and compact design makes them the ideal speaker, combining quality with good appearance.

We also use the L1 Bose Compact system, which combines PA loudspeakers and conventional monitors in a single elegant unit. Ideal for musical performances and background sound.

For outside use and large events we use the Line Array Nexo GEO system, with Bumper lifting system, ensuring perfect sound in any situation.

We have a broad range of monitors, including wireless the In-Ear Sennheiser system.

Sub-basses, stages and monitors, etc, meet all the requirements for a quality sound system at your event.

Sound Systems


We have the best microphones on the market.

Top quality Sennheiser, Shure and AKG microphones of all types.

Appropriate for live and broadcast applications.

Wireless handheld, lapel and headset microphones, along with fixed lectern, table, ambient and panel DCN microphones.

We offer sound and music arrangements with the ideal volume and clarity for your events.

microphones microfonia2

Mixers, equalizers and effects

We have a broad range of models from top brands:

Yamaha, Midas, Allen & Health, Soundcraft, etc.


Translation service

We place a complete translation service at your disposal.

From technical equipment such as receivers, transmitters, radiators and desks to translation booths and highly skilled translators in various languages.



We meet absolutely all your needs:

Audio recorders, players, press distributors, telephone hybrids, audio processors, intercoms and much more, using top brands such as Pioneer, Marantz, etc.

We use Tour Guide and Inforport systems from Sennheiser. Ideal for museums and tour operators, etc.

Communication of information is a key factor during guided visits, fairs or conferences.

Each event is different and has its specific needs. For that very reason the sound transmission system must be perfectly in tune with the event.

Audio-guide headphone Digital Pro-Grade console for DJs

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